WordPress Bulk Actions & Automation Plugin

Create filters on your WordPress entities, set your actions and let Octolio automatically manage your daily tasks for you.

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Automate your WordPress website

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Select your WordPress bulk action entities

Filter the WordPress entities (Users, Posts, WooCommerce products…) you would like to select.
Actions will then be applied to the selected ones.

Set up your actions

Define actions you would like to execute on the entities previously selected. Delete users, change products weight, move posts to trash, there are tons of things to do!

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Db Backup

Save your database

Not sure about what you’re doing? Using our pro versions you will be able to backup your whole database. Be safe, we got your back!


Using our pro versions, everything can be automated.
That means you need configure once then we handle everything.
Take the most of this to share some time with your loved ones!

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Easy and safe WordPress and WooCommerce bulk actions


Set up and save automatic actions. Time to relax now.
Everything will be done automatically.

Easy to use

Create filters, set your actions, execute. That’s it.
Even our grandma understood how to use it!


Back-up your whole database before doing actions. This way you make sure you won’t lose any data.

WordPress filters and bulk actions added every week!







Stop wasting your time on doing recurring tasks.
It only takes a few minutes to configure it then everything is automatically handled.
Love it!

Thomas OkawakaWebsite builder

I'm using Octolio almost everyday.
It allows to execute bulk actions based on really advanced filters and that's so easy to configure!
I definitely recommend it!

Jeffrey LabugneProduct Designer

I've never seen such a great support team.
They always reply in some hours and they're giving the perfect answer.
Don't wait any longer!

Anthony PantouflardWebsite owner

I love using Octolio. It makes my marketing tasks way more easy to do.
New release has been amazing! Can't wait for the next ones!

Tom JefecitoBlogger

Really nice plugin, and amazing support team.
Always here to help. Last time, my issue wasn't even due to Octolio!
Congratulations on such a good job.

Corentin FitBoyBlogger

WordPress bulk actions were good but Octolio is better.
Tons of possibilities I can't even tell how much of them I've used!
Great job!

Lukas Glen-KipuWebsite Builder

I'm so happy with this plugin.
Allowing me to stop wasting time on useless repetitive tasks.
Tons of filters and actions. Love it!

Bastien CrochetInfluencer

Create your first WordPress bulk action

Looks pretty good isn’t it? Want to see how amazing Octolio is?
Then seems that it’s time to give a try!